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Web Wedding makes everybody’s wedding day a sweet memory that can be shared with all those people who are important to you. You don’t have to wait a long time to see and share your wedding photo’s with all your family and friends, no matter where they are.

While you wait till the physical wedding photo album is ready, you can take advantage of the electronic version a couple of days after the wedding. And of course you don’t have to be just married to take advantage of publishing your wedding photo’s on the web. Feel free to look at the examples and try out the slide show.

Web Wedding makes sure your wedding announcement goes worldwide. The World Wide Web is the modern media that we can use today. Using the web to announce a wedding is another way of reaching more people.

Wedding announcement

E-mail Web Wedding ( ) with the relevant details (include a picture, if you like) and we will announce your Wedding, for free.

Yes, it is that easy

Wedding photo album

Share your wedding day with all your family and friends, no matter where they are.

You choose the outline of the web wedding photo album, just by telling us which album you would like to publish with your wedding photo’s, give us your digital photo’s and we’ll do the rest. (please e-mail Web Wedding on this page)

The major benefit is that by giving all your family and friends the web address: “” you can share your wedding photo album instantly.

No need to figure out how to get your wedding photo’s on the web.