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The lead up to your special day should be nothing but building anticipation and excitement. It really is your truly special day. However those try to do it themselves without any professional help soon find that excitement turns to a whole lot of stress.
Hiring the services of a wedding planner doesn’t have to cost a fortune. As professionals we can assist you with your romantic Wedding in all areas of planning your wedding day.

Here is how we can help you to have an amazing day

Core Planning and Management

This is for the bride and groom who a personally (or with family assistance) managing their wedding. We assist you by ensuring that you have covered everything you need to organize. Most self organizers get this wrong and even the simplest omission can cause huge headaches. We know wedding as and we’ll make sure you don’t miss a thing and we help you to ensure your budget gets you what you want.

Plus we can assist in finding the right venue and vendors who can supply you not only with products but in the style that suits your taste.

Wedding Day Management

If required we can be there for you on your wedding day making sure that everything goes to plan. This means you and those you care about can relax and fully enjoy the day. Let us take the worry out as we ensure everything is taken care of. We provide this service on a 6 hour or 12 hour basis.

End to End Wedding Management

This is absolutely perfect for busy, professional or overseas couples who want to engage our services to do full end to end running of the wedding. This is about as easy, professional and elegant as a wedding can get. With your direction, the wedding is planned and carried our by our full professional wedding support team. Everything is taken care of and every foreseeable problem mitigated.

We can either schedule appointments for you and carry out instructions on your behalf or we can attend them for you where possible to arrange the best possible outcome.

Call (03) 8555 2126 for more details and to arrange and obligation free consultation