What sets us apart?

At Sydney Wedding Productions we care about what we do and we will do everything we can to make sure we capture every special moment of your day.

But what sets us apart from other wedding videographers?

Professional and Trained Cameramen

Film and TV production is what we do. We are experienced, trained and professionally qualified cameramen and editors with an excellent camera, sound equipment and a lot of wedding filming experience.

We give you the Raw Footage

We provide you with the USB hard drive with unedited and edited footage from your wedding should you need it. It’s important to archive your footage in a ‘future proof’ format. Technology changes fast who knows what we’ll be watching out weddings on in 20 years time.

Fast Delivery

Within 18 working days your film will be edited.

Highlights Clip 

In Addition to your DVD’s/Blu Ray’s, we provide a highlights clip , or an extended highlights clip with your film. This is great to email around or direct friends to a link where the online HD version can be viewed by as many people as you like (this can be password protected for your privacy if requested).

Multiple Formats

Want a copy for iTunes, Apple TV, iPhone, PS3, divx, Blu Ray (not Blue Ray) or any other format, we can provide.